Hello! I’m Theodora, a digital anthropologist and fourth year DPhil student at the Oxford Internet Institute, University of Oxford. I’ve been researching digital detoxing since 2014, and am currently writing my thesis on an ethnography with a community of Californian digital detoxers. Check out a Q&A I did with my department herean article I wrote for the New Statesman here, and my paper on the food/technology metaphor in digital detoxing here.

I’m interested in our relationship with digital technology, and how it becomes an intimate part of our everyday lives. I’m interested in modern sociality and perceptions of authentic sociality in a digital world; that we write on Tinder profiles that we’re “willing to lie about how we met” since meeting offline is somehow more acceptable. I’m also interested in techno-apocalyptic scenarios, perceptions of the natural, digital primitivism, transcultural psychiatry, folk theories of algorithms, new age spirituality, online divination, science, and belief.

I originally went to art school where I made sculptures and prints about digital representations of the self. It was around then that I realised I was interested in how we decide what constitutes appropriate or authentic digital use. I then studied MSc Digital Anthropology at UCL, and I also worked at The Science Museum on their Information Age Exhibition.

In my spare time I make pop music, watch true crime, and connect with cats on a spiritual level.

I’m currently seeking opportunities to undertake further research. Check out my CV if you think we might be a good fit, or send me an email at theodora.sutton [at] oii.ox.ac.uk if you’d like to talk.